Security Audit.

Why us?

UGWST has both, publicly and privately, conducted over 600 security audits. Our team is a private group of experienced and highly qualified security researchers that have been publicly acknowledged by top companies such as Reddit, Metamask, OpenSea, Coinbase, Binance, and many more! Recently, we have been focusing on auditing crypto-based CEFI and DEFI projects and companies.

Security Audit Process.

1. Choose the type of application and the scope of which you want to be audited.

2. Receive a quote.

3. UGWST begins a security audit of your application.

4. UGWST delivers a detailed security report with suggested vulnerability fixes.

What's In The Audit Report?

UGWST sends you a custom-made, transparent, and thorough audit report. The report will contain details of found vulnerabilities on requested scopes with ratings based on CVSS v3 calculation (Critical, High, Medium, Low, or Informational) and suggested vulnerability fixes by our security team.

With your permission, we can publish an audit report to share with the community.

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